We’ve all been there…no matter how clean your skincare is, sometimes you just wake up in the morning ready to get on with your day only to look in the mirror and feel that dreaded blemish rearing its ugly head. And whilst, of course, it’s always best to leave your blemishes be and not cover them up so they have a chance to heal a little quicker, sometimes you just can’t face walking out the door or going to your big meeting with a red angry spot in the middle of your face.

We have compiled a list of useful tips to make sure you walk out the door and quickly forget about those blemishes:

Tip #1: Prep your skin

Before doing anything,just make sure your skin has been thoroughly cleaned. Now is not the time to run out the door without due skincare diligence. Use a gentle cleanser along with your usual moisturiser, SPF and serum. You can also use a mixture of a botanical oil along with lavender Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential oil directly on the blemishes. This mixture will ensure the blemish heals very quickly and will help kill acne causing bacteria hiding in there.

Tip #2: Ice Ice Baby

If your blemishes are still inflamed and rearing their ugly heads, a great tip is to use an ice-cube wrapped in a clean face towel. Apply this over the blemishes for about 10 minutes and you will notice that the swelling, redness and pain will go way down, making the makeup step that much easier. This is because, as you may already know, ice is a natural anti-inflammatory. Ice will also help kill the bacteria and increase the blood flow to the area so blemishes will heal a lot faster if you use the ice trick once or twice a day.

Tip#3: Green Corrector

Now that your skincare is out of the way, comes the makeup part. Before going straight for the concealer and foundation, we recommend using a green colour corrector. These can be found in any good beauty store and will help neutralise the redness. Why green? Well, if you look at a colour wheel, you’ll notice the opposite color to red, is green. Hence why it will help tone down the redness. They usually come in a cream consistency and can be applied using clean fingers or a clean concealer brush.

Tip #4: Foundation & Concealer

Now you probably have this already but if not, you are also going to need a good foundation and concealer. And by good, we mean non-comedogenic and as natural/clean as you can find. The first step will be to apply foundation evenly on your face. We recommend goinglight on the first layer and then going over to the concealer (you can go for anothertouch up of foundation afterwards if you feel it is necessary). This will ensure your makeup doesn’t look cakey and it’s always best with these things to take a step back and not panic on the covering up with foundation! Easier said than done, we know. Use a clean concealer brush and apply your concealer over the blemishes, making sure you don’t swipe and spread the concealer over an entire area as opposed to just the blemish.

Tip#5: Setting Powder

Use a loose transparent setting powder to set your foundation and concealer in place. This will make it last so much longer and will give it such a smooth, seamless finish. We like using silk powder or rice starch powder because it works just as well as the expensive branded products out there and it’s all natural (and cheaper!).

Tip#6: Touch-ups

Carry a small makeup pouch with you during the day. We’re not saying you should bring your whole makeup cupboard with you! All you should really need is:

  • A concealer
  • Blotting paper to balance the shine especially in summer
  • Powder foundation (compacts with mirrors are always practical for a quick touch up duringthe day)
  • Maybe a mascara and blush if you’re going out in the evening and need to spruce things up around late afternoon.

Tip#7: Rinse, Repeat!

And we cannot stress this one enough, take all your makeup off the moment you get home (double cleansingis best) and keep up with your usual routine.  This is so important to let your skin breathe, heal and to prevent further blemishes.

Tip#8: Gotta keep’em clean

If you use makeup brushes, please please pleeeease clean them once a week and everytime you use them on inflamed blemishes. Clean your makeup brushes. It doesn’t have to take super long, just a little bit of hand soap and rubbing gently under warm water.It should only take a few minutes and can be a huge help in preventing more blemishes.

Hope this helps all of you gorgeous babes feel confident in your skin because it happens to all of us!

Any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below and please share! 😊

The Spoiled Bee Xx

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