Because we are big believers in natural beauty, we are always looking for the best home remedies to tackle skincare concerns. So over the course of the last month we tried different home remedies for blemishes to give you the real low down and some helpful tips. So here is the 101: 

Honey can do real wonders for your skin


So it should come as no surprise that this one is first on our list. If you know a little about The Spoiled Bee, you know that we love bees and that we are passionate about their conservation! That’s why we decided to sponsor responsible beekeepers and their hives for every sale on our website. We also believe that bee products hold some of nature’s most healing properties. Ancient Egyptians even used honey to heal wounds as well as prevent infection and honey has been deemed an all-around superfood for decades. So when a pesky blemish showed up, we thought we would try honey face masks a few times a week to see if it would heal existing blemishes as well prevent any new ones showing up. We used our raw honey and applied a thin layer on previously exfoliated skin. We then left it on our skin for about 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. 

Results? Over the course of one week, we applied honey on three occasions and noticed a big difference after each use. Before you get over excited, we have to tell you that it is no magic potion that we will make your blemishes disappear the next morning. However, it does noticeably reduce their size and redness which makes them much easier to cover up. And it also felt like the blemishes healed a lot quicker without leaving that dreaded hyperpigmentation behind. So overall, we highly recommend giving honey a go! But please just make sure you use high quality honey from responsible beekeepers like we do. 

Turmeric: a powerful antioxidant


Turmeric has quickly gained in popularity over recent years thanks to its numerous health benefits. Plus it tastes and smells delicious so what’s not to love! But did you know that many people also swear by using turmeric in their homemade face masks? Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which is scientifically proven to speed up wound healing and increase skin cell regeneration. We tried Turmeric mixed with our white kaolin clay and a little water and applied this for about 15 minutes before rinsing. Again we did this three times in the course of a week. 

Results? So the results were definitely there. Skin felt a lot smoother, redness had gone way down and there were no signs of other blemishes creeping up during that week. However adding Turmeric to a skincare routine is not for everyone. As you may know, turmeric has a bright orange colour which tends to stay quite easily. If you have a naturally darker complexion, you don’t run a big risk of sporting an orange tint for a few hours. But if you have a light Caucasian skin, get ready for some exfoliating after using this mask! Fear not, it does come off with some exfoliation and warm water, but it will take a little extra time. So overall, Turmeric is a great ingredient however it may not be suited for everyone. 

Nature knows best- Apple Cider Vinegar, the new cure all

Apple Cider Vinegar 

This is another one we hear and read about everywhere. Using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner is said to have helped a lot of people with their acne or occasional blemishes. What is the science behind it? Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial ingredients which easily penetrate the skin. But that’s not all, your skin naturally has an acidic ph which is easily disturbed by face cleanser and other cosmetic products. So using ACV on your skin naturally restores the natural ph of your skin and may therefore prevent blemishes. We tried this third home remedy for a full week as well, replacing our usual floral water with an ACV toner on a cotton pad in the evening. 

Results? Once you get past the smell, the skin does look quite.. glowy? Pores also looked a lot smaller and the skin looked less oily. We didn’t notice a huge difference in the blemishes but to be honest one week is probably not enough to see real results. It is usually recommended to give at least one month when trying a new skincare product and very often the same applies to home remedies. Your skin just needs time to adapt and if you are a woman, you also need to see how things change over the course of your menstrual cycle.  So we will keep on going longer and we will give you an update further down the line.

A real super plant- aloe vera can soothe even the most sensitive skin

Aloe Vera Juice

As many of you may already know, aloe vera has amazing properties for the skin. It is used in many commercial products and also used pure to heal wounds, sunburns and hydrate the skin. If you have ever used aloe vera before, you probably noticed a very soothing and cooling sensation to the skin and this is due in large part to its high content of antioxidants and polysaccharides. We used pure aloe vera juice on a cotton pad for two weeks after cleansing and before applying our usual skincare products. 

Results? Although we did not notice a difference to the size of blemishes, the skin definitely felt more hydrated, smoother and plumper. Usual redness was also really reduced so it may help your skin if it feels very inflamed by a breakout. Definitely worth a try if you are looking for a gentle and soothing remedy for your blemishes although it may not help prevent them.  

There you have it, our little experiment with natural remedies over the last month. Every skin type is different of course so always take into consideration your skin and learn to listen to how it reacts to different remedies.

The Spoiled Bee Team Xx

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