Rose essential oil: an acne fighting superhero and pure liquid velvet for your skin

Since we have been using Essential Oils and botanical/plant based products for such a long time, we knew that Roses were super stars when it comes to fragrance, olfacto-therapy and skincare. What France has learned (amongst many other things of course) during her Masters in Aromatherapy training is that published scientific studies show that real Rose Essential Oil is an excellent choice when it comes to beauty and healthy skin. 

Rose Essential Oil possesses strong anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties specifically useful to help acne and increase skin cell regeneration

Rose Essential Oil has shown amazing anti-inflammatory properties, helping to rejuvenate your epidermal cells and therefore helping your skin stay plumbed and glowing. It also helps diminish blemishes and has one of the strongest specific antibacterial properties to kill acne bacteria in less then a couple of hours whilst still being very soft on our skin. 

This beauty elixir has a price: 

We know this is not what you want to hear, but real Rose Essential Oil is a bit of a luxury. Why? Well the production of Rose Essential Oil requires hundreds of kilos of Rose petals to only make a small amount of the oil itself. At the Spoiled Bee we have tried our hardest to source the best quality of Rose Essential Oil for a great market price. Our Rose Essential Oil is distilled in Grasse, the capital of essential oils and perfumery. Whilst the Roses themselves come from Bulgaria, a European region where Damascena Roses grow in the perfect weather and geological conditions. So it does come at a price but a few drops go a long way and you know you are treating your skin to the very best.

Quality means that it is more effective and safe. 

Be careful when you buy a skincare product claiming it contains Rose essence. It might be a synthetic essence (which will trick your nose but will not trick your skin nor your fine lines or blemishes). Even worse, some essences are Rose scents extracted with a harsh solvent which is a big no no for your skin and your health in general!

So when it comes to Rose Essential Oil, you have to be sure that the brand you selected is trustworthy. On the formula, it is almost impossible to tell which kind of Rose essence is used, very often it can be put under fragrances (and in this case, you can be sure that the formula contains synthetic fragrances, which often cause allergic reactions, disrupts your hormone balance and bio-accumulates in your cells). Best case scenario, the Rose oil is just diluted with a botanical oil which although won’t have as strong of an effect on your skin’s glow, won’t at least harm your skin or your health. Worse case scenario, it is full of synthetic chemicals made to trick you into smelling Rose and thinking you are doing your skin some good. The price is also a big indicator. You know the saying “too good to be true”? Well that is very often the case for Rose Essential Oil. And we are sorry to say that there is simply no way you can buy a bottle of real Rose Essential Oil for 10 pounds. It just does not add up with the wholesale prices. So juste be on the lookout for these things when buying Rose Essential Oil.

We always choose quantity over quality and we prefer treating our skin to a few drops of Rose Essential Oil once or twice a week rather that lathering our face with fake and synthetic oil which will do more harm than good.

That being said, we totally understand that Rose Essential Oil is not in everyone’s skincare budget.

That is why we want to share a safe, less concentrated, but pure botanic macerated oil DIY recipe.

Because we always try our recipes before sharing them with you ladies, last year we bought half a dozen of ancient Rose plants: Damascenas Roses for our home botanical garden. These roses do not hold up well once cut and put in a vase, but ancient roses are the perfect fit for fragrances and macerated oils.

Do not expect to have the scent of the fresh rose in your jar once you are done, but you will still be sure to have some of the Roses’ botanical benefits in your jar or bottle. And your mind will be at peace knowing for certain that you are avoiding any chemical, toxins and preservatives.

We make ours with a mix of Rice Bran oil, which is often used in Japanese beauty rituals and Raspberry Seed Oil as well as Vitamin E.

With fresh petals: 

Please do not use petals from you flower stores, flowers are sprayed with so many bad chemicals, you don’t want to infuse that into your beauty oil. You can either use fresh Roses from your garden if you’re one of the lucky ones to have a garden. Alternatively, you can buy dried rose buds online which will also do the trick.

Add some fresh petals or dried Rose buds in a glass jar and cover them with the Rice Bran, Raspberry and Vitamin E Oils (Masson jars or Le Parfait are great ones to use for this).

Step 2. Heat the oils and rose petals using a double pan on the lowest setting for about two hours (you want to warm it on the gentlest heat and not “cook” the oils)

Step 3. In order for the Rose petals to liberate all their essence, take the double pan of the heat and put the mixture of oil and petals in the freezer for 24 hours.

Step 4. Take the jar out of the freezer and let it reach room temperature until back to its liquid state

Step 5. Using a (clean) old cotton t-shirt or cloth, filter out the rose petals and the oil.

Step 6. Pour the Oil macerate into a bottle (our 30ml glass dropper bottles are perfect for this)

Step 7. Use a few drops of your oil as a serum on your face and neckline in the evening before bed.

If you find that it is not concentrated enough, you can treat yourself to our Rose Essential Oil and just add a few drops of this in your homemade serum. It will then last forever and you are sure to treat your skin to the very best!

Any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below.

The Spoiled Bee Team Xx

2 responses to “Rose Essential Oil versus Rose Macerated Oil”

  1. Kristen Drake Avatar
    Kristen Drake

    Thank you so much for this. How many ounces of rose petals should be added to to 8 ounces of oil?

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    1. France Engels Avatar

      Thank you so much for your visit. Indeed we hesitated to give ounces (or ml) for this recipe since it will depend if you use dry petals or fresh flowers. Basically, for 8 onces of botanical oils you will need the same qantity of petals. What is important is to be sure all the petals are covered. If using dry buds, when starting the process, the buds will float on top of the oil, when heating and shaking regularly, your buds will be soaked with oil , immerse and your roses buds will begin to deliver all its wonderful benefits. Be sure, as we said, to always use unsprayed roses or organic buds. Enjoy ✨⭐️✨🌸


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