50ml Lavender Floral Water

15ml Argan Oil

1g of Beeswax

1.25g of Botanical Gum (coming soon on

3.5g Olive Wax (coming soon on

10 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

2ml Vitamin E


120ml glass jar

2x Glass or metal mixing bowls

small whisk (optional)


  1. In one bowl, mix the Argan Oil and Beeswax and Olive Wax. In another bowl, mix the floral water and add botanical gum slowly whilst stirring to avoid clumps forming
  2. Put both bowls in a pan filled with a little water (water-bath/bain marie). Turn heat on medium and wait until the waxes have melted with rest of oil.
  3. Once all the wax has melted, remove both bowls from heat
  4. Slowly start pouring the floral water/botanical gum gel mixture into the melted oil. Stirring constantly whilst pourring. The mixture will start going white (this is the emulsion phase). Once the mixture takes the consistency of a cream, transfer to the glass jar. Wait until completely cool to closer the jar. Use within two months or keep in fridge.

Please also see below our recipe card for you to save and print at home

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