Who wants good vibes?

Everybody now and then is talking about good vibes, but what is the science behind these words?

In a recent Instagram post we shared our philosophy in a few words:
Negative ions create positive vibes.

Negativity: it can only affect you if you are at the same frequency.

Vibrate higher.
Dream bigger
Laugh lauder

Albert Einstein said : “Everything is energy.”

Vibes and science

Einstein words couldn’t be more accurate, even nowadays science proves  the reality of vibrations and frequencies.

Vibrations have different wavelengths which will be perceived (consciously or unconsciously) by our body and our mind.

What are vibes

All these things are considered to be vibrations

Sounds & music: the wavelengths of sounds are in the perfect range for our ears to perceive

Light: colours are vibrations perceived by our eyes.

Heat: the frequency of this vibrations allows our body to be activated (shaken) and by being activated, they warm-up. The perfect (although extreme) exemple of this is the microwave that shakes cells so intensively that the waves warm up the food.

It is no wonder then that living in a world full of vibrations, our body is constantly receptive and interacting with these vibes

Our Body’s good vibes

Now that we have established that our body both perceives vibrations and vibrates itself, it is easy to understand the amazing synergy happening within ourselves both through actual electrical currents and ions charges. Those vibrations are an integral part of any living thing. Without these vibrations taking up space and binding our cells together, all our cells could just fit in the palm of our hand.

Isn’t it incredible to have science tell us that good vibes matter.

Essential oils Vibrations

Why aromatherapy boosts your skin vitality, wellbeing, your happiness and your mood:

Essential oils’ vibrational frequencies are the highest of any natural substance known to man according to scientific measurements.

(Range from 52 to 320 MHz)

The vibrational energy in molecules refers to the number of bonds of atoms within a particular molecule. What makes essential oils particularly charged in good energy is the fact that molecules in essential oils would have many different bond vibrations going on because even the smaller molecules (monoterpens for example, one only compound of some essential oils) contain 10 carbon atoms and 16 hydrogen atoms which equals 26 atoms vibrating all together.  This creates a lot of positive vibrations ( if you compare it to carbon dioxide which has 3 atoms vibrating, we can easily understand that an essential oil offers a range and synergy of vibrations which are both complex and very beneficial to our body).

But now if we add up all the vibrations of the multitude of molecules contained within one single essential oil, it creates a strong and powerful amount of vibrating bonds.

You could wonder why these vibrations are beneficial to our body whereas other electric vibrations hurt our health?

Well the truth is that plants have been working and adapting their protection system, their immune system sort of speak, by creating and producing these essences (to protect themselves against viruses, bacteria, fungus, insects…)

Aromatherapy by distilling the plants’ materials, makes these essences extremely concentrated & yet still containing the same amount of bonds….and you guessed it, vibrations!  Aromatherapy therefore concentrates the plants’ amazing immunity.

Of course as it is a powerful tool, it has to be used with some knowledge, according to the essential oils and the purpose, some can be used diluted, some shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or on babies without the supervision of a doctor, some shouldn’t be used for long period of time.

The vibrational benefits of aromatherapy is most effective when applied topically or inhaled.

Here are some important and measured facts about vibrations:

The scientific technology measurements have underlined these frequencies facts:

Healthy human body is 62-70 MHz.

Human cells can start to change (mutate) when their frequency drops below 62MHz.

58 MHz is the frequency of your body when you have a cold or the flu (I never catch a cold nor a flu…guess why 😉

When candida is present within your body, you vibrate at a frequency of 55MHz.

52 MHz is the frequency of a body with Epstein-Barr virus present.

42 MHz is the frequency of a body wherein cancer can appear.

When the death process begins, the frequency has been measured at 20 MHz.

The measured frequencies of essential oils have been shown to go as high as 320 MHz & guess who is the winner is: Rose Essential Oil! Lavender has a frequency of 118 MHz and Sandalwood has a frequency of 96 MHz. Oils stimulate and trigger the cells of our body to increase their vibratory rate.

So good vibes = good health!!! Good health actually has a frequency measured at 70MHz.

To help us better understand how frequencies work lets take the exemple of foods. Cooked/grilled food lost most of their high frequencies: for instance a cooked hamburger or chicken has a frequency of 3 to 5 MHz; raw almonds vibrate at 50 MHz; living greens such as broccoli has a frequency of 70MHz.

Through this article, we do not wish to claim that you will cure serious diseases such as your cancer,  Myalgic encephalomyelitis or your multiple sclerosis thanks to the use of essential oils.

Health is a stable state up to a point. When our cells mutate, it might, in some cases, contribute to them actually getting back to a normal state. Though usually it is harder to get out of a unhealthy state then to preventing from reaching this state.

That being said though, It is to be noticed that some palliative centres use essential oils for the wellbeing of patients.

The goal of this article is to share how to maintain or regain your wellbeing and beauty, as well as taking care of all the regular ailments of life. And for that purpose aromatherapy is a marvel of nature.

And for the skeptical grumpiest:

We can find opposite versions of (not scientifically) published articles from chemists (and it is always eye rolling to find out that their opinion is based on commercial contracts with any kind of industry that could be hurt by the frequent use of essential oils.

The reality is that it is a fact: we are all vibrations. We, human being, lost our ability to feel vibrations. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

A very simple example: dogs, thanks to their sensitivity, can detect our brain activity and even announce an oncoming epilepsy flare, just by detecting the difference of electric and vibration activity in our brain. Yes, our brain vibrates, so does our entire body!

(Oil frequencies are documented in these books: The Essential Oil Desk Reference, published by Essential Science Publishing 2001; Reference Guide for Essential Oils, by Connie and Alan Higley, Revised edition 2001, as well as our bible when talking about scientific aromatherapy: : l’aromathérapie exactement, is a book written by a Doctor and a pharmacist, referring to hundreds of scientific publications)

Essential oils Scientific reference based on hundreds of scientific publications

The Spoiled Bee Team is happy to share some science

Please comment below and feel free to ask more questions.


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