Our tips to keep your beauty healthy

Many Americans are unaware that they are absorbing unsafe chemicals in their products!

These are the State senator’s words, and obviously being in the health industry at a high level, he knows what he is talking about :

The disparity in standards between the EU and US has grown to such a point that it touches almost every element of most Americans’ lives. In cosmetics alone, the EU has banned or restricted more than 1,300 chemicals while the US has outlawed or curbed just 11. Many Americans are unaware that they are absorbing untested* and unsafe chemicals in their products,” said Alex Bergstein, a state senator who put forward the Connecticut legislation. Bergstein was previously the chair of the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental health center. Across a span of cosmetics, including makeup, toothpaste and shampoo, to items ranging from household cleaners to fruit juice to cheese, hundreds of potentially harmful ingredients banned in the EU are legally allowed in the US. *(it is to be noticed that Europe also doesn’t allow testing on animals)

How dangerous are these ingredients

By dangerous we mean with a potential to increase cancer risks, auto-immune diseases, allergies, hormonal issues, eczema…Now don’t get us wrong: we do love the US, we care for people from all over the world however skincare safety shouldn’t stop at the border.

Good news: we do have solutions for you and that is to avoid these dangerous chemicals all together.

Our experience and expertise is one of these solutions. But first things first, a little rapid introduction of the Spoiled Bee Team as well as their motivation and passion:

The eldest founder of the team: France (yes, like the country!). Way before the trend of green, organic, slow cosmetics in Europe, France got into the habit of buying all her ingredients and food in farmer markets as well as organic stores which means she knows the feeling of being a pioneer in the clean beauty and healthy food industries. After years of personal research, she is fully aware of the dangers of certain ingredients & chemicals commonly found in high street cosmetics/skincare. Everyone has their own reason for making the switch to a cleaner/toxic free lifestyle. Be it allergies, to help save the environment, stop animal-cruelty or just a general concern about overall wellness and health.

Now talking about Violette, the youngest founder of the Spoiled Bee. Violette, as you can imagine (being France’s daughter) has been raised with so many different healthy habits. She knew, at the age of 3, how to use breathing exercises to help ease pain after falling down from her bicycle & badly scratching her knees (and even asked for some lavender healing balm if you can believe it!), she begged not to get medication drugs unless necessary; she even stood in from of the opened fridge age 4, saying: “I shouldn’t eat sugar now… even though I reallyyy want that yummy caramel (soy) pudding”. She grew up in her teenage years having no idea that skincare could even be harmful, because at home, Mum’s creams, facials or serums were all homemade or at least completely natural. Our lifestyle was very healthy, the entire family was using France’s DIY anti-rash cream formula as well as her healing oil blends. She was already a certified
Osteopath, and so passionate about aromatherapy that she also got a Masters degree in the field of essential oils.

We are EU certified, and we want even more

When starting the Spoiled Bee in the UK, we had no borders in mind. We simply wanted to offer the best clean skincare tips, products and advice out there. That being said, all our skincare products are EU certified which means it is held up to the highest standard when it comes to its ingredients and manufacturing process. But we go the extra mile and use only botanical/natural ingredients that are carefully sourced through our numerous travels to all corners of the globe and handcraft all the ready to use products. We have recently made the change to glass packaging and even our bubble wrap is biodegradable. Little steps for big changes.

We are the proof that science, ancestral knowledge and nature make for an amazing combination that does wonders for your skin and health. And because we are a family owned business, we make it our highest priority to answer any questions and give advice to anyone who is interested in making the switch to safer skincare.

Our Choice: Botanics

Using botanical and clean skincare is a choice. Regular beauty/cosmetic brands are using marketing, bombarding us with fake miracles, pushing forward ingredients they use in a tiny % , and having as main ingredients petrochemicals, fillings, dangerous & cheap ingredients. And all that are exorbitant prices.  It seems such like such a shame when you can find so many incredible ingredients in nature that will feed and transform your skin without any of the harmful health effects.

How can we all afford a clean cosmetic?

Direct selling or ethical retailers

We made the conscious choice not to be on certain platforms or retailing websites/chains because they asked us to squeeze our prices & the only way we could reduce our prices would be to lower the quality of our products, their ingredients or purchase these ingredients with less that reputable suppliers. That is not why we started The Spoiled Bee.

Using the right products, buy quality and not marketing

We don’t need to use a hundred of incredibly expensive skincare products to take care of our beauty and wellbeing. Because we have the choice to choose healthy & clean products. We also have the alternative to DIY our cosmetics, and The Spoiled Bee Team is here to share recipes and tutorial (no secret, no patent, nature is generous so let’s keep using what has worked for centuries, even milleniums). We also share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you can easily make incredible beauty products at home that smell like heaven as well as nourish and heal your skin with the very best active ingredients.

Being Eco responsible is not boring, it’s fun

Isn’t it fun to have the power of knowledge, to know what is in your beauty products, or even to DIY. It is also a great way to share quality family moments with your children or your friends.

Show your love from the bottom of your heart

We can tell you that each time we have a special gift for someone we love, with some personalised attention such as their name on the label, or a little note attached to it, they are touched, and it makes us even happier to give then to receive.

We offer you the security of the EU certification and even more, it’s your choice to follow your rules, don’t wait for any state to vote a law, make it yours 🙂

Our way of consuming and using our skincare products will bring great awareness to the rest of society and we will help stop big industries filling their pockets while selling us skincare products made with cheap & harmful ingredient.  

Feel free to follow the blog and we will review the ingredients you should stay away from regularly (you know, the phtalates, PEB, synthetic fragrances, that kind of bad stuff) 

dangerous ingredients in skincare products

Any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below. And please share the love 🙂

The Spoiled Bee Team Xx

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