How and Why Using Our Hô Leaf Essential Oil

Ho leaf essential oil has the same botanical name as Camphor and Ravintsara however this oil is extracted using steam distillation from the leafs whereas camphor is distilled from the wood. This essential oil is considered to be a safe/milder version of the much stronger Camphor oil 

Why Our Hô Essential Oil is ethical:

The Hô Wood, closely resembles Rosewood essential oil although it is now forbidden to harvest it since the Rosewood trees have almost disappeared. The aroma of Ho Leaf is very much like Rosewood: sweet, coriander like and very fresh, almost green. Using the leafs of this plant offers very similar chemical compounds but without the deforestation! That is the ethical reason which motivated us to choose Hô leafs and not Hô wood essential oil. 

How Hô Leaf Essential oil will pamper you

The essential oil is great for treating aching muscles (add 10,drops of Hô essential oil into your 30 ml massage oil is simply devine, we recommend hazelnut or apricot oil which are very fluid and easily absorbed by the skin). It helps relax the mind and has almost sedative properties. It is also very good at purifying the air and the skin (but remember to dilute it).

massage with ethical ho leaves essential oil

This essence has a great synergy with lavender but we also like it blended with a touch of sweet orange or mandarin. And if you don’t like anything too sweet or floral, it also has a great synergy with Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Since Ho leaf essential oil is extremely safeit can be used  in high percentages in a large variety of perfumes. It also has has amazing cosmetic/beauty properties too: soothing, revitalising and energising. It is the perfect essential oil for mature skins and it worth noting that it has been published that cinnamonum camphora leaves essential oil Alleviate Allergic Skin Inflammatory Responses In Vitro and In Vivo. (published in Pub Med, a scientific reference). It is therefore a great essential oil to be added in DIY shampoos for itchy/ flaky scalps.

We also love it in soaps formulations: see our recipe here

handmade soap formulated with ho leaves essential oil.

Ho Leaf Essential Oil is not very well known (yet!), but we highly recommend adding it to your home Essential Oils kit. It is very affordable, smells amazing and has a wide range of health and beauty benefits. 

If you want to give it a try,our essential Hô leave oil is 100% pure & ethical, 

Giving it a try is adopting it!


The Spoiled Bee Team

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