Yes it is possible, and we found it

Sometimes we will share with you our beauty botanical ingredients sourcing adventures.

Here just a random coconut hand picking,

Today we bring you with us in such a sustainable and preserved place, you wouldn’t even believe it. We will write about it again later with some beautiful facts and images regarding Vanuatu, but today let’s talk about sustainability.

A zero plastic country? Noooot possible? Think twice. Leafs are making amazing baskets, wraps , plates and dishes to cook some amazing crockpot kind of dishes directly into the embers.

An independent little country in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean 🌊 was already living in an extremely sustainable way. Never used any pesticide nor GMO.

As you see: no need of any plastic bag for grocery shopping.

And now, they pushed it further: They voted the no plastic diapers law.

Just look at this farmer market, where we were buying our vegetables, amazing exotic fruits and seeds. Yurky but so healthy noni fermented drinks.

So much good memories popping up in our minds. Well, the water snakes were part of the deal …as well as giant coconut crabs ( I mean giant, as big as my 2 bulldogs all together)

We are so impressed by the wisdom of these people. We are so glad we had the opportunity to share their life for a while. And we are so proud to sell their unique coconut oil 🥥 as our premium oil. When using our oil, you have a direct flight to tropical heaven. 🌴

Vanuatu island : sustainable and beautiful. First lagoon Looks like heaven

This was just a blink of our sourcing experiences.

We hope you enjoyed the trip.

Stay tuned by following our blog for more sourcing travels stories.


The Spoiled Bee Team

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