Did you know that the skincare industry is politely asked to disclose fragrances on their labels. No matter what type of fragrance they use, whether it be natural essential oils or harsh synthetic fragrances, the word “fragrances” is replaced to mean both or either. 

the word fragrance can fool customers: synthetic versus natural botanical fragrances are labeled identically

The fragrance rule: Is it all fair Game in the world of Cosmetics?

This magic “fragrance” word allows large unethical cosmetic companies to escape the safety guidelines expected and needed by the customers and instead hide behind a very generalised term. For some of these customers though, being fooled by the simple use of the word “fragrance” is not only unfair, but it can cause serious harm. Synthetic fragrances can cause multiple allergies and even anaphylactic shocks in those most sensitive to them. 

If like me you are or have become allergic to synthetic fragrances*, a simple deodorant claiming zero aluminum/ zero paraben can still seriously put your health at risk and impact on your quality of life in only the few seconds it takes for you to breathe them in.

*Should the cause of this allergy be an over exposition to chemicals, a specific medical condition or an unknown cause as of yet.

synthetic fragrnaces can cause allergies, anaphylactic shocks and hormon disruptions

Talking about our motivation to offer a clean and ethical skincare line and products. 

Believe me when I say I am on your side and I truly care for this clean cosmetic. 

natural botanical perfumes have been used safely and offers a gigantic range of natural scents without hurting nor sensitizing the customers

Last week end was another one of these days where I had to fight against an upcoming anaphylactic shock. Having a coffee in a public place, shopping in a store, taking a taxi: the simplest places can be a source of real trouble for people suffering from this type of allergy to artificial fragrances.

The Spoiled Bee Beautiful Project coming soon

Saturday we were working physically very hard on our new project for our skincare line (news on this coming very soon). As part of the team, I did my part of the work, moving heavy pieces of furniture, receiving heavy deliveries, from containers, pounds and pounds of glass bottles, jars, gallons and gallons of botanical oils, essential oils, equipment, setting up a new logistic chain …well, you know, the kind of things that all entrepreneurs go through.

As we were all “working out”, of course we start breaking a sweat. One of us that day automatically reached for their regular deodorant: the kind of brand that carries such a candid and pure image, you trust it 100% to be natural and harmless. And sure, the bottle claims no aluminum, no paraben. But nevertheless, what followed these innocent 10 seconds of spraying was an intense physical reaction: cough, shortness of breath, swelling of the lymph glands, eye area and intense headache that borders on the migraine.

My story is not motivated by the desire to scare anyone, but only to show that what many people take for granted or don’t even pick up on, could be making someone’s day a nightmare. Being allergic to artificial and chemical fragrances is a condition that is extremely difficult to manage since we cannot identify what fragrances cause reactions. And these fragrances can be everywhere: from your local interior design store, loos to taxis and Ubers or even certain food stores.

This convenient protection allows the cosmetic industry to formulate and commercialize products without disclaiming what is in the bottle, what we will put on our body, or in the air, breathable by anyone. 
when allergic to synthetic fragrances, lifestyle needs to change drastically to avoid the contact of unhealthy chemicals

Here I am talking about allergies, however a non allergic person can get hurt by these fragrances, since it is now proved scientifically that synthetic fragrances are harmful to anyone’s health: hormone disrupting being the most common reported side effect of synthetic fragrances. 

What happened next to my health is now (almost) history: I had to get a transdermal intra muscular shot, followed by huge doses of anti histaminic drugs (blocking the rise of inflammation: histamine being the first step of inflammation reaction from our body. Pain, weakness, the feeling that my head will pop like an over inflated balloon, blurred vision, and of course the time of recovery, the time that the body needs to eliminate all the toxins produced by this gigantic inflammation. The kidneys need time to do the job, and during that time, you have to put up with the all over body pains.

I should maybe answer a question: am I healthy? Am I weak? 

Where is the dysfunction: our health or our consumption environment? 

Talking about myself: I can say, I never get the flu, nor a runny nose. I can dig in the dust with my bare hands, gardening, playing with dogs, in the mud, I can cut my skin with a sharp knife and use a simple antiseptic such as lavender essential oil and still heal very quickly. I can use all types of pure essential oils without any issues. I believe I am healthy. But my otherwise very healthy immune system doesn’t like chemicals. 

Are we supposed to be exposed 24/7 to chemicals: that is the real question here

Are these regulations: “disclaiming fragrances” safe enough?

No they are not.   

     Wouldn’t it be fair to regulate industries to display what type of fragrances they use in their product? This would enable individuals such as myself to choose with all the information on hand what to buy or stay away from.

What are your thoughts regarding the chemicals used in the cosmetic industry?

Do you think they could hurt you even though you are not allergic?  Please comment below and we hope you took time for a refreshing escape this past week-end!


The Spoiled Bee Team

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