Marula: The African Glowing Oil for moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant . It contains natural tocopherols also named vitamin E, a great and well known anti aging ingredient. 

marula botanical oil for beauty DIY products and homemade recipes

Why is it an oil to be used on hair as well as all types of skins.

As Marula oil  has a very light texture, it is the perfect oil to be used for massage oil, it will penetrate the skin offering this nourishing non greasy benefits.

It is a great oil to be used on fragile dry hair. 

Marula oil is extracted from the fruits of an African tree which contains a great ratio of omega 6 and omega 9. 

The omega 9, even though the human body can produce it from other fatty acids are nevertheless very important to our body. Very nourishing for the skin, it makes it more supple and softer but also more radiant.

radiant healthy skin and hair with marula oil from africa and 3 easy homemade recipes for DIY project

Marula Oil also contains phytosterols which are improving the natural skin barrier and stimulate the micro circulation.

3 easy skincare recipes with Marula oil:

The 3 african oils serums:

  • -10 ml of Marula oil 
  • -10 ml of Argan Oil
  • -10 ml of Abyssinian oil
  • -30 drops of frankincense essential oil
  • Blend the oils with the essential oils in a 30 ml amber glass bottle, using a dropper lidApply a few drops on your skin after your cleansing  with the tips of your fingers

After gym relaxing and anti aching body oil

  • -20 ml of marula oil
  • -10 ml of jojoba oil
  • -15 drops of cedarwood essential oil (will draine the lymphatic system)
  • -15 drops of wintergreen essential oil (has almost the same composition as aspirin, though with an extremelly small molecule, it penetrates topically and relaxes perfectly the muscles)
  • Blend the oils with the essential oils in a 30 ml amber glass bottle, using a dropper lids will enable you to fill the palm of your hand with 20 to 30 drops at a time, massage the aching and tensed zones.

Biphasique cleansing lotion for mixte skins

  • -30 ml of marula oil
  • -60 ml of tean tree floral water
  • Blend the 2 phases in a 100 ml aluminium bottle. Apply with a cleaning pad after shaking your biphasique mixture. You will be surprised how much dust is cleansed off of your skin, leaving your skin with a soft, clean and radiant complexion.

A Fun Fact About Marula Fruits

Marula is a fruit that is eaten ferments by animals, as it contains a lot of sugar, it fermented very well when ripped, therefore animals, from elephants to monkeys can get drunk from consuming it 🙂 .

Local women are also producing marula beer

Cheers my beauty Bees, our marula oil doesn’t contain alcohol of course

Please feel free to ask for any specific information.


The Spoiled Bee Team

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  1. Canuck Carl Avatar

    Thank you for sharing France, the first time I have heard of Marula. So many health benefits from these natural products without resorting to chemicals to apply on the body. Fascinating fun facts to close! 😀🐘

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