Royal jelly is a natural bee product.

Did you know that this jelly is so powerful in anti oxidants and so rich that it is the bee product used by the bees to feed the baby bee (larva), they selected to feed it with the royal jelly, thanks to this super food and this food only, the larva becomes a queen instead of a regular bee.  

Bees products such as royal jelly extracts are perfect ingredients to be added into our DIY skincare homemade recipes

Royal Jelly was actually used by the Ancient Egyptian queens to keep their skin looking younger. It was even used on mummies to preserve the look of their skin. It is now even proved by the science that it can reverse some physical and mental aging issues. ( Royal Jelly and Its Components Promote Healthy Aging and Longevity: From Animal Models to Humans [1]

As we age, our skins cell regeneration and collagen production slows down. Royal jelly extract can offset this process by promoting collagen production as well as moisturizing and protecting our skin. This prevents our skin from becoming thinner and therefore losing its flexibility causing those fine lines and wrinkles. If our skin is exposed to stress on a regular basis, such as extreme weather conditions and pollution, the aging process can significantly accelerate accentuating the unwanted aged look. All of us would all like for our skin to feel and look tighter and for our fine lines and wrinkles to diminish. Royal Jelly Extract is an elegant solution for younger looking skin.

Royal jelly extract used in skincare DIY products recipes. Royal jelly extract from the spoiled bee : follow our recipes

When used on the skin Royal Jelly can promote cell and tissue repair while simultaneously enhancing collagen production. The vitamins and minerals in royal jelly help to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized, which is essential to fighting wrinkles and mature skin. Royal jelly extracts have also been found to contain a powerful antibacterial protein, royalactin,  which can help to repair damaged skin, clear up infections, and keep skin looking healthy. Royal Jelly Extract can be beneficial in rejuvenating our skin and keeping its healthy glow.

Our recipe to recover a fresh and pumped skin:

The Glowing Skin night serum with Royal Jelly.

Serum for powerful anti aging properties with royal jelly extract and argan oil, plum oil.
  • -10 ml of avocado oil
  • -10 ml of argan oil
  • -5 ml of plum oil
  • – 3 ml of royal jelly extract.
  • Blend the oil and the extract in a 30 ml bottle, close with a dropper lid. Shake befor use and apply 5 to 10 drops on your skin in the evening as a night serum and enjoy a glowing skin in the morning. Better applied after a deep cleansing, our honey cleansing balm is perfect for a deep moisturizing routine

Why we promote bee products:

As we use some bee products ethically in some of our skincare products, we decided to only work only with ethical beekeepers. As we already announced, we sponsor bees and therefore beekeepers on behalf of our customers. For each $10 of purchase in our store or online, we sponsorise a 100 bees. It is a real need to bring awareness on how important bees are for our wellness, and even for us to survive.

Did you know that if bees disappear from planet Earth, we will not survive more then 4 years. Bees are pollinating almost 80% of all the fruits and vegetables on Earth. Pollinating being the key for plants and trees to produce fruits and vegetables, we are totally dependent to this little bug. Let’s spoile the bees so that they can spoil us for the generations to come

With love


The Spoiled Bee Team

[1] Royal Jelly and Its Components Promote Healthy Aging and Longevity: From Animal Models to Humans.

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