It sounds huge, but it is sadly true: Scientific studies show that fetuses are 6 times more likely to have birth defects if the mother used conventional cosmetics during her pregnancy. [1]

birth defects caused by cosmetics used during pregnancy: all the bad ingredients are chemical, synthetic hormone disruptors.

Is the skin permeable?

A professor at the Montpellier-France University Hospital, Charles Sultan, analyzes the consequences of environmental pollution on children’s health. He is very concerned about the chemical bath in which we evolve,

Recognized worldwide, this professor is looking for endocrine disruptors in children:

Endocrine disruptors mimic the body’s natural hormones, take the place of hormones, and confuse hormonal information and functions

Causing fertility problem, genital malformation, early puberty.

The 3 fundamental periods of development that are at risk for a person:

During the foetal life (so pregnant women directly impact their fetus by applying makeup, using shampoos and other cosmetics including chemistry (this without knowing it). Then the first years of life, so mothers using synthetic products on their babies should be extremely vigilant, and the last period a risk: teenagers, when the hormonal system is activated.

A scientific Research published [1] shows that the risk factor for developing a genital malformation is 6 x higher when the mother used cosmetics such as shampoos, soaps, 1000 cosmetic products (obviously not botanical cosmetics but all the shampoo and soaps, hair spray containing phtalates and EDTA, chemical which are hormones disruptors) during pregnancy.

scientific studies show that it is 6 times more likely to get birth deffect on babies if the mother used some synthetic cosmetics during pregancy.

Are Botanical and natural cosmetics less affordable?

Some would say that they don’t have the budget to buy natural cosmetics. However, the cost of 100% natural products is offset by a minimalist packaging therefore less budget is put into packaging, no commercials, advertisement nor “ambassador” models salaries, making it more affordable. Did you know that in regular (synthetic and chemical brands), the cost of the product itself is 2% of the price you will pay for it. The 98 other % are branding, packaging.

Many chemical ingredients are endocrine disruptors, Hormones act in very low doses says Professor Sultan. In terms of endocrine disruptors, the dose does not make the poison. We know the mechanism and it is scientifically proven.

It is very difficult to prove if endocrine disruptor can be linked to cancer on the long term, knowing that cancer can take 20 years to develop. The absence of evidence does not mean that there is no effect according to the research teams. On the other hand, it is proven that there are endocrine disruptors of cosmetic’s origin in the bodies of men and women who use this cosmetic containing chemical disruptors. A study is now done in Lausanne-Switzerland, evaluating the impact on the environment of cosmetics in water. Analysis of Swiss river’s water: pesticides, drugs, and cosmetic substances are found in rivers.

140,000 chemicals are found in regular (non botanical/natural ) cosmetics.

For example, triclosan in toothpaste and in many cosmetic products, even in soaps ‘which, by definition, do not need preservatives. Triclosan is classified as a skin irritant, endocrine disruptor even at very low doses, bio-accumulation into our body and in the environment, triclosan has a real toxicity for the organs, it also disrupts the immune system.

What would be the perfect choice when talking about cosmetics?

Let’s start from a precautionary principle and change our behavior. If we all, collectively become aware and therefore change our consumptions habits, by always avoiding chemicals on labels. Nowadays we can find some trustful, responsible, ethical eco BRANDS, usually more the INDIE Beauty brands) , without forcing the consumer to compromise on efficiency.

If we no longer buy products containing synthetic chemical ingredients, the economic model of the industry will be forced to adapt

What we need to watch though:

Green washing can be hidden everywhere, in soaps for example: some soaps will contain “un noble” (and therefore cheaper) ingredients such as animal fats, unethical palm, synthetic perfume, preservatives (endocrine disruptors tetra sodium EDTA….)

Don’t be fooled by: “Tested By Dermatologists” Labels

Dermatologically tested doesn’t mean that it is better, nor safer: A dermatologist explains in an interview: – “We will pay 50 dermatologists, they will report how many patients present allergic reactions and side effects patients will react. Thereafter the brand who paid the dermatologists can claim “tested by dermatologists”. How easy it becomes to trick the consumers!!!

It is interesting to know that dermatologists in France prescribe Castille (Marseille ) Soap to their allergic patients simply because genuine soaps don’t contain any preservatives, allergens nor irritent compounds.

Don’t be fooled by fancy famous soaps and other cosmetics that might claim they are natural or healthy and safe, for example Lush soaps, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Yves Rocher, Monsavon, Pantène and Nuxe contain edta and sorbitol, which are allergens and hormones disruptors. As shown on the screenshot from a website sharing the ingredients contained into skincare:

Screenshot of the website: Le Flacon, sharing the ingredients presence into thousands of skincare Brands.

The scientific studies: [1] Pharmacologic and Environmental Endocrine Disruptors in the Pathogenesis of Hypospadias: a Review, these scientific review studies 69 studies all claiming genital defects increased by the use of cosmetics during the pregnancy) this review has been published by scientists who declare officially not having any conflict of interest.

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