Radish in Skincare? 😋🙃

Botanical versus chemical based preservative

We believe that we always have choice in life. Botanical versus chemical for our skincare? We made up our mind so easily: Botanical is our choice.

Why it is healthy and clean

Back to radishes, 😉 it feels so fresh and healthy to eat raw, colorful roots, but did you know that fermented radishes grow amazing enzymes which are used in organic skincare and cosmetics? It offers powerful preservative properties, is soft to your skin, has a zero impact on health and zero pollution for the environment .

This is definitely a product that you want to try in your DIY skincare. You can find it in our online boutique here: leucidal preservative made with fermented radish.

How is this ingredient preserving your skincare

Leucidal is a natural preservative & anti-microbial agent derived from lactic acid bacteria, Leuconostoc kimchii. L. kimchii. It will help keep your homemade DIY creams, lotions & body butters  fresh and clear of bacterias, mold & fungus. Basically, the probiotic produced by the radishes are good bacteria which are blocking development of bad microbes.

How to use it in your homemade skincare

Ideally, add between 2.00 to 4.00% of Leucidal in the cooling phase (during the emulsion) of your creams & lotions.

We would be very pleased to read your recipes or to answer your questions.


The Spoiled Bee Team

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