Botanical Versus Mineral, What Oils are Really taking care of your skin

Using botanical oils as part of your daily skincare routine can help to nourish and re-hydrate your skin. Many plants, flowers and seeds produce beneficial oils which contain a large spectrum of bioactive molecules with powerful skin healing and nourishing properties. The light molecular structure of these plant oils, allows them to be readily absorbed helping to protect, repair and nourish your skin. This is the main difference between botanical oils and synthetically produced oils (minerals) and oils derived from petroleum, which have a very complex molecular structure and cannot be absorbed deep into the skin layers. Even worth, it creates a film which doesn’t allow your skin to breath .

Botanical Oils, What it does for your hair

Botanical Oils contain very important fatty acids, as well as numerous vitamins such as vit A, C, E, F, and minerals. All these substances are helping your hair by stopping end splits, nourishing deeply, treating and soothing the scalp, boosting the follicles, stimulating the micro blood circulation, treating dandruff. All what your hair and scalp need to have healthy shiny hair

How to use botanical oils

Botanical oils can be used pure, blended with other botanical oils, butters, waxes, or with essential oils and botanical extracts. Botanical oils can be your base for facial serums, massage body oils, lotions and creams or balms. Botanical oils are also used to realize natural soaps

Our Favorite Botanical Oils

Oh wow, that might be the most challenging chapter. As botanical oils offer different benefits according to the plant it’s from, we use them pure, we blend them to find the perfect feeling when applied. We also chose some oils for its specific therapeutic needs. The age and the complexion can also lead us to different choices. So the Spoiled Bee Team (mother and daughter) will share their favorite oils individually.

France Favorite Botanical Oils

Plum oil is a keeper, to be used in all your DIY skincare and France loves to have a few drops on her desserts, pancakes are tasting amazing with plum oil, Tamanu oil has strong anti inflammatory properties and heals stretch marks as well as burns wounds. Rosehip oil…well we all agree on this one. Avocado oil, Coconut oil, apricot oil for massage and body oil.

Violette Favorite Oils

Plum oil too, guess why, it is really a wonder. Jojoba oil for her body oil, raspberry oil, simply because it has a very high SPF index and is naturally protecting the skin against UV. Inca Inchi oil because it is rich in very important fatty acids essential for our skin, Argan oil which is great for skin and hair, and hazelnut oil, a wonder for atopic skins, healing, soothing and has a so pleasant fragrance which reminds Violette her childhood’s favorite spreadable chocolate paste. Hazelnut is also a wonder for our scalp and hair.

Now it is your choice

You can find all the botanical oils on our website: , or on any other website, and be sure to chose a trustful provider. We always source our products from producers that can provide us a safety data sheet, and, big surprise, we just found out that our plum oil is probably the cheapest on the market, and no…no compromise at all, our provider is an internationally awarded farmer from south of France, we simply source directly from him and our philosophy is to offer an ethical/reasonable margin. Our customers have therefor the possibility to afford the best quality of botanical oils.

Please share your favorite oils below, we would love to hear from you beauties


France & Violette

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