The Corona Virus Treatment Already Exists And is Ignored By Big Pharma

Corona virus: “End of The Game”

Was the French Professor Tittle for his video Exposing the corona virus treatment

Among the existing chemical drugs, chloroquine is clearly the most promising against coronavirus, for several reasons: find this lancet publication about coronavirus as well as this publication regarding the chloriquine as an antiviral treatment

Chloroquine the anti-malarial drug has shown efficacy in vitro against the Chinese coronavirus;

It has already been the subject of clinical studies in China on patients suffering from coronavirus, the promising results of which have led the high Chinese health authorities to officially recommend this drug to treat coronavirus;

And it is acclaimed by Professor Didier Raoult, world specialist in infectious diseases, who trusts the conclusions of Chinese virologists and who knows very well the anti-viral potential of this drug.

South Korea also had excellent results against the coronavirus, thanks to a form of chloroquine (hydroxychloroquine) mixed with zinc.

And that’s it, it is confirmed by the team of Pr Didier Raoult, in France. Though for days, his findings were declared as fake news (according to a French magazine Marianne):

“ Didier Raoult could not find an audience in the upper scientific level of the State and the Ministry of Health. On February 25, he published a video entitled “Coronavirus: end of the game”. Except that “The Decoders”, fact-checking media of the World, have signaled this video as being “partially false”, leading Facebook (which officiates in agreement with “The Decoders”) to attach a banner “Information partially false” on the video by Didier Raoult. And pushing the Ministry of Health to consider it this way. He has since renamed his video “Towards a way out of the crisis”, causing “Les Décodeurs” to withdraw their description. In his video for Monday, Didier Raoult reacted: “Le Monde decided that what I said, reporting what the Chinese had published, was not true. There was even ‘fake news’ for 36 hours listed on the Ministry of Health website! “

This drug did not interest the health authorities at all, neither in France, nor abroad.

“The scientific community is not convinced,” said the French General Director of Health Jérôme Salomon, contemptuously.

All over the World, scientists are launching researches, France itself launched 4 official clinical studies recently … but refused to test chloroquine!

French scientists preferred to test 4 recent and overpriced drugs… rather than chloroquine, the most promising and cheapest molecule!

Why? For big money reasons and the seek of being a hero.

As Professor Raoult said: “With chloroquine, we cut the grass under the feet of many people who dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize for finding a new drug or a new vaccine.”

Professor Raoult, lead by his knowledge on this molecule  succeeded in testing chloroquine on his side, in his laboratory…

… And the results sound spectacular!

After six days of treatment:

Only 25% of patients treated were still carriers of the virus,

against 90% in those who did not receive the treatment!

And when you combine chloroquine with an antibiotic (azithromycin), the effectiveness is even greater!

“It’s spectacular,” said Professor Raoult. The average viral load with this virus is normally 20 days. And all the people who die from corona still carry the virus. Not carrying it anymore changes the prognosis. “

This scientific amazing news is for the persons who contracted the virus, our preventive recommendations are still important to observe:

-Keeping a social distance

-Washing your hands with soap very often

-If you don’t have access to soap, carry essential oils with you: we recommend 

Cinnamon, Origano, Tea Tree, Eucaliptus, Lavender Essential oils which have been the topics of scientific publication to show anti viral properties.

-Breath fresh air, open your windows every day

-Meditation is also improving our immune system

Let’s share this crucial information, let’s help the science and cure people all over the World, let’s spread the free information