Wonderful Bee Day

And Why It should be Bee day every day

It’s Now Official, Bees are the Stars. They have their own day, they widely deserve it.

A little introduction to the life around beehives:

Why do we love bees so much and want to protect them?

Did you know that if bees are disappearing from our planet, 80% of the vegetables, fruits, and flowers would disappear too?

Why? Simply because bees and bumblebees are pollinating all these plants’ flowers…and flowers are turning to fruits.

Without bees: no plants, no fruits. You could consider surviving by eating chicken and beef only…well, and what are chicken and beef eating? Grass, corn, and many other grains.

And honestly, what would our life be like without an amazing strawberry sorbet or gorgeous cherry blossom trees in the Spring?  Now you get it 

The Live in our Hive

Honey bees live in colonies and there are many types of bees:  The Queen  , the one and one only.The tireless Worker bees who are all female (surprise surprise!  ) and whose job is to pollinate flowers and fruits and produce the gorgeous honeyyyy .  Other bees are also in charge of housekeeping, building the hive, protecting the queen, working in the nursery…a real metropolis. Some honey bees are even in charge of the air conditioning of the hive by ventilating it with their wings. And finally, the Drones: these are the male bees, and their purpose is to mate with the new potential queen to create new colonies.  We have gathered so many facts about bees and what bee products can do for your health, skin, hair, you name it! You can sign up to our newsletter here on the blog or on our website thespoiledbee.com and receive some fun facts about bees, easy diy cosmetic recipes to try out at home, skincare and haircare tips as well as keep up to date on all our new products 

As Summer and Sun are coming, how can you help bees in 1 minute per day?

Did you know that bees need a constant access  to fresh water. They rarely store water however they do use it for evaporative cooling and humidity control. If you ever observed a beehive, on hot summer days, hundreds of bees are cooling down the beehive by flapping their wings at the entrance. Bees also use water to dilute stored honey that has  crystallized as well as to digest and metabolize their food. So if you see bees drowning in a pool, save them 😉✨🐝, and if you have a garden, you can instal a “bee bar” . It can even be an old dish, put some stones in the bottom , some mousse or pebbles, be sure to add fresh water every day… you will spoil bees with a glass of water.

No Bees No Flower Power