The Collagen We Want For Our Skincare VS The Collagens We Run Away From

Collagen in beauty

Collagen is a natural substance found in the skin, muscles, tendons and bones. In a way, it provides a framework for the bodies of humans and animals.

How to navigate in this Collagen jungle and what we need to know:

Where is collagen found: The dermis is the middle layer of the skin, a sort of net of fibers formed by collagen and another protein, elastin. It supports the epidermis, a real shield against external aggressions, and rests on the hypodermis, a fatty “cushion” crossed by nerves and vessels.

Role of Collagen

Collagen plays a decisive role in the appearance and health of the skin: it prevents it from loosening, allows it to absorb water more easily and helps it to regenerate. It is from it that it draws its firmness, its suppleness and its radiance.

How to make Our Skin Benefits from Collagen: Botanical Collagen Is The Solution

By choosing appropriate care.
Due to its large size, the animal collagen molecule cannot make its way to the dermis. The solution ? Use formulas where the components of collagen are present in the botany of its formulation: these smaller units, which can be found in plants such as peas, wheat, or even richer, in lupine seeds, will penetrate the skin and will exert a plumping, firming and restructuring action. As a bonus, they will boost the production of natural collagen. We have formulated our serum “Botanical Collagen Lift and Smooth Serum” by including hydrating and antioxidant active ingredients capable of complementing the work of botanical collagen.

What we absolutely want to avoid:

The use of ingredients that not only contain dead animals, or even human cadaver cells, but are also not available to our skin.

Where do the different collagens usually used in your creams and beauty products come from:

There are several forms of collagen, some of which are used to smooth wrinkles or plump lips. Bovine collagen is extracted from the skin of dead cows, sterilized and liquefied. It can be injected into the lips to swell them or under wrinkles to blend them. But bovine collagen ends up being absorbed by the body; this is the reason why its effects only last about three months.
Marine collagen is also used in wrinkle creams. Marine collagen is extracted from residues from the food industry, most often from fish or shrimp waste.

Other substances, which do not come from dead cow skin, can be used to enlarge the lips. Alloderm is extracted from the skin of dead people and makes it possible to obtain fuller lips. It consists of thin sheets of cold-dried human collagen that can be rolled up and placed after incision in a person’s lips to give them more volume. This product undergoes a special treatment which reduces the risk of rejection by the body and rids it of possible diseases.

How to preserve water plump with your beauty rituals, in addition to this botanical serum:

• We massage our face. It takes a few minutes a day to apply small circular pressures, from the inside to the outside. By “waking up” the skin cells, these actions will help them process more collagen and soften the tissues while stimulating lymphatic drainage.
• We’re hydrating. Make sure you have a bottle handy all day and consume water-rich foods, such as cucumber or melon. Thirsty skin always works in slow motion.
• We put antioxidants on our plate: we chose citrus fruits, broccoli and kiwis, rich in vitamin C, or even to tuna, olive oil and asparagus, stuffed with vitamin E.
• We protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. We do apply daily botanical oils naturally offering an SPF, raspberry seed oil being one of the botanical oils with a UV protecting factor of at least 30, all while keeping the skin supple and nourished.

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