This blog is a platform to share amazing step by step cosmetic recipes that you can make at home. From skincare to haircare and makeup, we aim to bring you the very best tips and recipes to have you look bee-autiful!

Who are we?

After numerous travels to all corners of the globe, the mother /daughter team have jointly accumulated a wealth of knowledge and first hand experiences in a wide variety of natural cosmetic and beauty ingredients. From the well-kept beauty secrets of the Pacific Islands to ancient French beauty remedies. The Spoiled Bee Team sourced amazing natural ingredients and was created in 2017 by a mother/daughter combo who are passionate about home made natural cosmetics.

We believe nature and beauty is not one size fits all and that is why The Spoiled Bee brings you only the very best of these natural ingredients to create your own custom made cosmetic at home. Ranging from skincare, haircare and mineral makeup ingredients to reusable accessories, we believe nature has provided us with everything we need to be naturally gorgeous! Free of any harsh chemicals, 100% cruelty free, never tested on animals, environmentally friendly and ethical, what more could you ask for?

Through our blog and social medias pages, we will also aim to bring you the very best recipes and advice to help you and inspire you every step of the way.

And our name?

The Spoiled Bee comes from the desire of protecting our beautiful bees and of course spoiling them! Did you know scientists agree that if all bees were to disappear from the face of the earth, humanity only has about 4 years left to live due to the lack of pollination? That is why we have decided to offer among many other products and ingredients, a range of bee products which also happen to have amazing properties for your body, skin and hair.

Now we know you are probably wondering how encouraging the commerce of bee products will help the bee population? Well, over the last few decades, bee products have unfortunately and often rightly been associated with harsh harvesting and mass production to keep up with the growing demand. We will never be doing that in a million (or trillion) years! We make sure that all our bee products are harvested in a sustainable and respectful manner by carefully selecting trusted bee keepers.

All the hives are located in flowery fields and forests, away from all modern pollution and chemicals and the beekeepers always make sure our bees have more than enough honey left for winter. The more hives, the more the bee population of the world will thrive once again so please help us help them!

Lots of Love

The Spoiled Bee Team Xx



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    1. I am so glad you like it!!!! Sharing these infos is the only way I found to contribute for a greener environment….and a healthy way to be and stay beautiful in a beautiful nature…..thank you for following…it offered me the opportunity to discover your blog…..following now yours… ;). And will share your dry cleaning post on my fb…. Thank you

    2. Thank you France for the follow & share! I’m glad you found the article helpful. There is so much information in your blog and so many essential
      Oils I didn’t even know about. I look forward to preparing and experimenting with your recipes!!

  1. France, my pleasure to meet you via my blog everydayliving.me. Love that you are sharing your vast knowledge and expertise! Looking forward to following you! Blessings, Pam!

    1. Thank you so so much…I am incredibly happy about your nomination!!! The link you provided though….doesn’t work….it links me to a not found page on your blog😭😢😢😢.
      How else could I find it?

    2. This is awesome….the link works now….i loooove the questions….and your answers are sweet and genuine…. I will have a lot of fun participating to this liebster award…and am so proud you nominated me….
      Working on that as soon as the day light comes….it is kind of the middle of the night….in the South hemisphere ….so I am stay under your loved stars for a little while…..

    1. Thank you so so much Koko….indeed such a nice meeting via the web!!! I loooove your blog….packed with DIYs, genius ideas and repurposed….loooooove it 💜

    2. I very much appreciate your comments. I’m happy to meet you via the web! I wish there was a way to “favorite” your blog so I never miss a post! 🙂 I love meeting like minded people. Reading your posts makes me feel like I am doing the right thing! When people hear that I like to go the “natural” route, I mostly get “oh so you are a hippie”. Which I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but what is so wrong with wanting to use only natural things? I will continue to do the natural thing and I will enjoy reading your posts about doing the same thing! 🙂 Thank you France for teaching and sharing.❀

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