What a beautiful gift from the other side of the planet I received!!!



Natural So Flowery Smelling Lavender Essential Oil From A Friend

It couldn’t be a better gift from a girlfriend..

Natural lavender essential oil

Frederique is living in a beautiful place in South of France….on the hills….pretty close to Aix en Provence…she and her family are surrounded by nature….dogs, cats…and horses…

the place has a smell of peace….and is for sure packed with beautiful souls….

I spent hours on their terrace …listening to the horses…their breath….their happy “crunch ” when they receive their meal….

I also spent hours riding these horses…in this beautiful countryside…so beautiful that Cezanne, the
Lavender essential oilFamous artist, painted so many landscapes there around…..

When I opened the bottle full of this amazing and so loved lavender essence….it made me travel back there….it reminds me last summer….

Frederique cooked us an amaaaaazing bouillabaisse, a typical fish dish from South of France….I enjoyed so much that evening spent with people from all over the world, visiting, family, friends….

It is amazing how a smell can make you travel in time…

Ok, lavender have different benefits, I wrote already a few posts about lavender essential oil and lavandula Vera….it is a wonderful anti aging and healing ingredients to be used in cosmetic and in perfumery….but it also have a healing and caLming Olfactive benefit….


and it even have a scientific explanation…..smells are captured by your “smelling neurons” and the sensation is transported extremely fast to your brain…on a part of the brain named limbic system….this limbic system is our archaic brain…and it is connected with your memory cortex (understand portion of the brain)…so that s why smelling Frederique’s essential oil transported me back to South of France…

Lavender essential oil

This was a wonderful gift Frederique….you wouldn’t have been able to make me more happy…..thank you so much!!! 😃



4 responses to “Beautiful Lavender Essential Oil Gift!”

  1. mihrank Avatar

    same what my mother told me about how important is lavender essential oil. My mother is a doctor, you have her compliments. You never know, you must plan to visit the Dead Sea.

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  2. atkokosplace Avatar

    What a wonderful gift indeed! ❀

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      I enjoyed it so much…it was just like receiving love essential oil….

      Liked by 1 person

    2. atkokosplace Avatar

      That’s how i’d feel too! ❀


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