This vegetal oil is from the maceration of daisy flowers into vegetal oil. Sunflower is an interresting vegetal oil since it has great affinity with skin. This oils is famous for its tonic action on blood vessels as well as for its  ferming up benefits. It is often used as a bust tensor.

daisy macerated oil

 Botanic Name : Bellis perennis

 This oil is easily oxidating, so it is important to keep it in a cool place and to use it in a short period of time.


pink bellis perennis flowers benefits in cosmetic



These little white, pink  or red flowers are blooming during easter time.

It is interesting to observe the latin signification of this flower:

Bellis means beauty and perennis means for eternity…probably Roman were already aware of this botanical benefits on beauty!!!!

This flower was already used in Renaissance in beauty and skin healing balms for its anti inflammatories heal wounds and scars. Other traditional uses were on rheumatism, hematomas.

The maceration of this flower is allowing the oil to soak with  natural compounds which have tonic and anti congestive effects on blood vessels. It is also said this vegetal maceration has ferming up benefits on skins. This is why it is interesting to use it in numerous cosmetics formulation.

Indication of Bellis perennis macerated vegetal oil:

-dammaged skin

-after pregnancy skin care

–inflammated skin

-distended skin

Vessels fragility and rosacea

daisy flowers photography for cosmetic



-Slimming massages for belly, arms and legs

-Bust and neckline skin care

-serums against bruises


Can cause allergic reactions if you are allergic to asteriacea ( plant species)

To be used  externally only.


All the properties named before are issued from scientific French and English literature.

This is only representing an information and is not purposed to replace a medical advice.



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