How to make up eyes cat with your homemade DIY Kohl…now this is possible, have a look…

My formula is simple and really…I mean really natural!!


– 4.2 gramms of mineral water

– 2 smidgen spoons of Guar Gum ( 0.14 gramms)

– 1 TAD spoon of gum arabic or acacia gum

– 4.2 gramms of mineral water

– 0.1 gramm of vanilla powder (for the fragrance, you can choose to add 2 drops of rose essential oil instead…up to you!!)

-0. 1 gramm of beeswax

– 3drops of macadamia oil

-black oxid powder: 2 TAD spoons

– 1 ml of mineral water

– 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract

How to proceed:DIY deep black kohl with purifying vegetal charcoal

of course always wash your hands before proceding, use gloves, sterilize all your material as well as the cosmetic jar in which you will store your kohl…

♥in a bowl “1” mix 4.2 gramms of mineral water with guar gum

♥in a bowl “2” , mix acacia gum with 4.2 gramms of water, heat on a bain marie untill the gum is totally melted.

♥in a bowl 3 mix beeswax with macadamia oil, once melted, pour bowl 1 and 2 in bowl 3

and stir.

♥in a bowl 4 mix black oxid with 0.1 gramss of water, stir to obtain an homogeneous cream

♥pour into the ready mixture and mix everything together, once your texture is nicely creamy, add the 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract to naturally preserve your eyeliner

♥Immediatly pour your eyliner in a cosmetic container (you can choose to use a recycled jar…even more ecofriendly 🙂 )

♥Your deep black eyeliner is ready to use as soon as cold…



This is a STAR’S look  with all natural ingredients…

Enjoy and be naturally beautiful today…



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