To have beatiful hair, you need to have a healthy scalp….

any dandruff???

I have a natural DIY recipe, easy to do, easy to apply!!

green clay for a hair mask diy recipe

For this recipe you will need:


-2 tbsp of green clay in powder

green clay ingredient for hair mask

-mineral water

-1 tbsp of vegetal oil (for my hair I like castor oil or coconut oil, which both present the benefits of hydrating and treating dry scalps)

homemade coconut oil for diy cosmetic recipe

-5 tbsp of thyme infusion (boil water and pour one tbsp of thyme dried leaves, cover with boiling water and let it brew for 5 minutes)

-half of one lemon juice (fruits acids are astringent and antioxidant…good for your scalp…and your hair)

lemon juice in anti dandruff diy mask


– a few drops of essential oils

essential oils for diy hair mask against dandruff

for scalp and hair, here are the essential oils which are excellent for scalp that you can choose, depending on what you have at home…and the fragrance you like

patchouli essential oil is boosting blood circulation and is a anti inflammatory and regenerating oil

Sage essential oil is a sculp tonic, sebum regulator, blood circulation stimulation as well as a good antiseptic

Ylang Ylang essential oil is good for hair and skin and it has a relaxing effect


How to proceed:

Mix the green clay powder with the thyme infusion, the oil and the lemon juice, add mineral water to obtain an octuous texture

Pour 10 drops of the essential oils you prefere…

Apply on your dry hair and leave it dry for 45 minutes

Shampoo with a gentle shampoo…your hair will look silky and shiny…and your scalp will feel healthy…naturally!!!


Be beautiful today…and if you like it…share it 🙂


2 responses to “Tip DIY Natural Anti Dandruff Mask with Clay and Essential Oils”

  1. annie'sbeauty... Avatar

    Thank you for sharing, France! xx


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Hi Annie,
      I am glad you enjoyed it…..feel free to share with your closest friends…it is naturally effective ;))


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