DIY Air Fragrance Diffuser with Woody Essential Oils

Isn’t it magic to come back home being welcomed by pleasant comforting fragrances?

We all tried synthetic diffusers because they last long, they remind us of good childhood memories…Christmas and the Christmas pine smell…sometimes mixed with some orange and cinnamon scent. Does it ring a bell?

organic diy fragrance air diffuser



I love that kind of think…fragrances are very important to me…however…I avoid drastically synthetic perfumes. They are irritating and even sometimes triggering allergies.

And, by the way, it is so simple to prepare your own homemade air fragrance diffuser with essential oils.

What you need to prepare your homemade air fragrance diffuser:

-a recycle glass jar…(I like the square jar…choose the design you like in your old jams or honey jars)

-10 kebab wood sticks ( I cut the point with a garden secateur, and cut the sticks in 2 pieces)

-1 cup of vegetable oil such as macadamia oil, which has a nice hazelnut smell and won’t oxidize (it wont turn rancid),

-a tea spoon of vodka (optional, I already did it without vodka, it diffuses slowlier…but it works well too)

-essential oils of your choice….for the woody scent; here is my formula:

♥ 40 drops of cedar wood essential oil

♥40 drops of Hô wood essential oil

♥20 drops of rosewood essential oil

♥20 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil (I like to add a tiny floral note….)

How to enjoy your homemade air fragrance diffuser:

Mix all the ingredients together, plunge the wood sticks into the jar for a couple of minutes, then turn the sticks up side down, so the top of the sticks can diffuse largely the fragrance. Proceed so as often as you want to reactivate the diffusing.

Additional tip:

place your natural diffuser next to any source of heat: heater, sunshine through the window, not too close to any fireplace or flame, you used inflammable ingredients, It is to be added that it is not  beneficial to your health to burn essential oil, since you denature the chemistry of your oils.

Whenever you want to enhance the fragrance of your air diffuser, add a few drops of your chosen essential oils, another tsp of vodka…and here you are…  delicate and natural air fragrance and air purifier.. all natural, all safe…and organic…

Enjoy the nature…enjoy essential oil…

I will probably come up soon with another air fragrance formula…for special occasions…