Isn’t it weird to talk about bio energetics when talking about essential oils?

My post today will help you to understand why essential oils seem magic, are offering energetics benefits, and are in fact….magnetic reactions.

We all know that any substance, natural or synthetic, is made up with atoms.

Don’t worry, I won’t go on a roller coaster of scientific explanations…so enjoy the ride… 🙂

We are all made up with atoms…presenting positive or negative charges….and they bond together upon their (electric) affinities….so are essential oils too.

the bioenergeticof aromatherapy

It is that simple.

So, a well trained aromatherapist will know, thanks to the structure and composition of an essential oil, what will be their benefits, how essential oils will help us.

The simplest way to explain it, is by saying that essential oils are magnetically (or electrically) positive + or negative -.

If essential oils’ molecules are positive +, they will be tonic and stimulating.

Depending on their own properties, they will be for example:


-enterotonic: stimulating the intestines

-hyperthermic, stimulating the body temperature

-immuno-stimulating:  stimulating the immune system

-neurotonic: stimulating the neurologic system

-phlebotonic: stimulating the blood circulation system

-hormonal stimulation

A good example will be the Summer Savory or Satureja Montana essential oil, which is largely charged positively, will be an amazing bacterial killer and will stimulate hormones (stimulating libido in the case of savory)

If essential oils’ molecules are negative -, they will be calming

acting by calming all the systems above.

For example, a very negatively charged essential oil, will have an extremely calming effect on the nervous system.

One famous oil which is largely charged negatively is the lemongrass or Melissa Officinalis essential oil. This oil has a well known nervous system sedative benefits, this oil will have a strong anti viral activity (confirmed by scientific trails in labs). It is also a good anti inflammatory as well as a local pain killer.

And Now, let’s talk about the modern trend of bioenergetic aromatherapy:

What is the vibratory aromatherapy?

What is Quantum Aromatherapy

It is a 4 fold wonder of nature’s science:

1- The nature, always in action and reactions with the elements (sun, earth, water…), in balance

2- The biochemical properties of essential oils (I was writing about it just above),

3-The odoriferous benefits of essential oils on our olfactive and glandular system (pineal gland)

4-The vibratory bioenergetic potential of essential oils, also called quantum aromatherapy.


Each of these aromatherapy topics are approaching and healing the human body under different, complementing aspects

The Physical

The Emotional

The Energy

I like the fact that essential oils have complementary benefits and interactions. I like the Whole Holistic Aromatherapy.

You can find a lot of informations concerning essential oils’ biochemical, odoriferous and energetic aspects in many of my posts.

What do you think of this new aromatherapy approach?

Which one do you prefer?

Thank you for reading, and if you liked it, thank you so much for sharing it










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