How to Clean your Wood Floor with One Single Natural Ingredient? Before and After

It is always challenging to restore or clean a wood floor.

how to clean a wood floor with essential oils

We don’t want necessarily to use strong chemicals we will inhale and which will give us huge headaches.

But we want our floor to look like the first day.

In fact, I have the perfect solution for wood floor.

It is easy, it smells delicious…it purifies the air….

My secret??? No secret…..

Here is my Before and After Cleaning

restoring wood floor with natural ingredients

Orange Essential Oil

How to proceed?

Use a humid micro fiber cloth, add a few drops of orange essential oil, and gently polish the wood…all the dust, mud…and dirt will stay on your cloth…this is amazingly easy….it smells so good…and it nourishes the wood.

Your are now free to enjoy….

My tip:

For that kind of DIY, you will need a large quantity of essential oil. my advise is to buy it in large quantities, therefore it won’t be expensive.

My floor was in a bad shape, since we are living pretty close to the beach, we are always walking bare feet….and we had a lot of guests lately…you can see the before and after cleaning…what a huge difference!!!

I asked a quote from a cleaning company…the price was 50 times more than the price of the essential oil I bought…and they were using strong toxic chemicals that would have soaked the wood…for a very long time….

Stay safe, use safe ingredients