Argan, Cranberry, Rosehip

are my top 3 anti anging vegetal oils

Argan oil

I already wrote on my blog how much I like to travel…this is maybe due to the fact I moved a lot as a young child, following my dads job moving…and actually I enjoyed it!!!

As a young girl, I spent a long time in Provence-France, Mediteranean area….and here I am with my Argan oil

Argan oil is produced in Morocco

Here is Argan oil secrets

It has wonderful benefits for skin, and hair…and even nails, as you can discover in my tip for growing nails.

The main benefit of this oil is the anti aging effect.

argan oil

Argan oil has an oily aspect, the color is light yellow, the touch is pretty oily too, so if you want to avoid this oily aspect, you can use a blend of argan oil with hazelnut or macadamia organic oil. This 2complementary oils will help to penetrate your skin, thanks to it’s tiny molecular sizes

The smell is sweet, however you need to be very careful where you buy your argan oil, depending on the mills it is coming from, you will have huge difference in smells.

Let me explain you why:

Usually, argan’s “almonds ” are picked up by kids and women on the floor, without selection, so they pick up moldy almonds together with fresh fruits or even with pre eated and digested fruits. Indeed goats are fond of argan’s fruits, so they eat fruit…and reject kernels….you see what I mean???

argan tree for argan oil

Yep, so that’s why I am very cautious with the argan oil I chose, I always buy mine in a fair trade women mill…and thanks to the fact the women working in that mill are concerned about the quality and  reputation of theyr oil…they deliver a wonderful and light smelly argan oil!!! So before ordering your argan oil on the net, just ask… 🙂

This oil is full of vitamine F and for this reason is used for centuries by  women around mediteranean sea.

The cosmetic properties are numerous: Hydrating, protecting, smoothing, softening, regenarating, this oil is giving softness and is preserving your skin against aging.

Rosehip or Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil Secrets:

anti aging rosehip seed oil

Deep oily texture for this wonderful anti aging oil.

The color is dark orange, this oil is penetrating very easily into your skin.

The smell is like fresh green seeds…

You just need to be very careful on where and how you keep this oil since it is a pretty fragil and easily oxidated oil…

That’s why I like to blend it with other vegetal oils.

This oil is full of linoleic acid, which is a substance your body is not producing by itself…that’s why it is said it is a essential fatty acid. A lacke of omega 6 (linoleic acid is part of the omega 6 family) is provoquing dryness and skin allergies,so this oil is essential to keep your skin hydrated.

In your skin, this fatty acids are entering into the composition of ceramids. It is so participating to reconstituted your epidermis lipids (fat) and is helping in cells cohesion between each others. Linoleic acid is allowing to low your skin’s dehydration  and is presenting great smoothing and nutritives benefits.

This magic oil is also full of natural retinol as well as vitamine E and F and Squalene…all this natural substances are excellent for your skin.

Please don’t confuse the difference between the substances naturally present into this vegetal oils and the synthetized ingredients you can find in industrial cosmetics…

And now the Cranberry Seed Oil Secrets:

anti aging cranberry seed oil

Everybody knows the cranberry fruits benefits…but as an oil, cranberry is probably not the most famous one…however…this is a great oil because it is presenting a great essential fats balance. Indeed it has the right balance in omega 3 and 6 and 9. This ideal blend helps the oil penetrating into the skin to moister it while helping to retain water.

This oil is also composed of natural tocopherols and carotenoids, phytosterols and phospholipids. This substances confere on this oil hydrating, protective, anti-aging, antioxidant,  anti inflammatory and photoprotective (protecting sun burns) actions.  It is reinforcing your skin’s barrier, repare and is a great tonic for your skin.

For all these reasons, the rare cranberry oil is a wonderful cosmetic care, and by the way…i has a softy silky touch…

Soon coming recipes with this 3 oils for a strong and whole natural anti aging fighting skin care




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  2. atkokosplace Avatar

    Wonderful…I hadn’t thought to use cranberry seed oil. I am going to look for it! Thank you France! ❀❀❀


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