This DIY recipe is vegetal, mineral, natural, what else could we ask to be a natural beauty?

glittering powder nude bamboo iris

It is an easy 2 steps recipe. In fact, this post is an update to a recipe I shared, this was compared to a Sephora glittering powder ,or in my challenge post about l’Oreal true match natural powder . I recently came up to discover a prestigious brand label for a lose foundation powder and was shocked. I am talking about CHANEL lose powder. But you will find dangerous ingredients such as paraben or petrochemicals in almost all large brands…just because they keep the producing cost shrinked.

For that reason, this will soon be one of my challenge, I will review Chanel lose powder stay tuned :).

But for now, to avoid all the nasty ingredients present in any usual, even expensive brand, here is my updated recipe for an easy, safe lose powder. You can chose to make it nude for the day,  or glittering for fun and shimering evenings. This will reflect the light and offer your skin a radient tone.

So the recipe I will share with you today will be glittering…but I have to say, I use it during the day too….it’s very often the only make up I wear…so natural…and still so girly… I love it!

The ingredients you will need to realize your glittering blush lose powder:

– Iris powder, is used for decades and probably centuries for make up and perfume. Indeed it will be great to fix the not of the natural fragrance you will chose to add (if you want to) in your blush lose powder. It’s vegetal and totally safe.

-Bamboo sap powder, is an ultra thin and light vegetal powder which will make your skin soft, will balance your skin’s sebum, avoiding your skin to look oily. This powder is also very fluid and is a perfect base for the pigment you will chose

bamboo sap powder

-Hazelnut tone glittering powder (it’s a mica mineral powder, it is safe for your skin…and soooo feminine)

-1 or 2 drops of jojoba or abyssinian oil

–1 or 2 drops of essential oil which will perfume your powder AND offer a cosmetic beauty treatment in the same time. My recommendation will be 1 drop of geranium essential oil and 1 drop of magnolia. Both will be excellent antioxidant, anti aging and toner for your skin. The natural fragrance will be fixed by the iris powder.

How to proceed to make your DIY glittering blush lose powder:

-You will need a small container, you can use a recycled container. The kind of tiny container with a grid, to dispense just a small amount of powder for each use. Have look on the photo above. But you can make it simpler and only use a tiny jar. Before buying my “real make up containers”, I was using recycled lip balm small container.

– I would recommend to use  measuring spoons kit to make your mixture…but you can also use an electronic scale.

measuring spoon and scale

Basically, for the size of my container, I use

1 TAD spoon of bamboo powder,

1 TAD spoon of Hazelnut glittering powder, you an find it on amazon

1 SMIDGEN spoon of Iris powder

2 drops of jojoba or abyssinian oil

1 or 2 drops of the essential oils of your choice, see above to have the perfect skin benefit. Don’t use any lime, lemon or orange essential oil, these essential oils are photo sensibilizing and could affect your skin if exposed in the sin.

How to apply your lose blush powder:

I first apply my anti aging day cream, which is formulated with argan, tamanu oil and royale orchid extract. it’s a very rich cream so I only apply a little. The little bottle you see below last me for 4 or 5 months

creme jour orchidee royale tamanu web

This will be the perfect base to apply my lose blush powder on my cheeks, temps, chin and a little bit on my eyelids.

Using my tip, it will last for hours…I made the test on my hand (showed on the photo below), and it holds pretty well, even after cooking dinner, dish washing and washing my hands.

glittering powder

Sorry for the quality of the photos…not easy to hold the camera and to take the photo…all that together…

glittering powder set

I hope you enjoyed this post…I wish you a lot in success in realizing your DIY make up, it’s a lot of fun…and so safe for you…and for the planet…

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