Tamanu Vegetal Oil is a Great Oil

tamanu oil in cosmetic

Living part time in New Caledonia, I discovered a great local oil…and am using on  my skin pure or in my cosmetics formulas. Here is why it is a must have oil:

Tamanu Oil for your Skin

This oil is erasing scares and activating the cells reparation.

In Australian hospitals it is used to treat and heal burns and other skin disorders thanks to its analgesic (against pain), anti inflammatory, anti microbial, antibiotic and anti oxidant benefits. It is as good outside as it is inside. As an antioxidant, it is acting against the bad effects of screens electromagnetism as well as the sun’s bad effects. As an antiinflammatory, it is relieving from bug bites, wounds, infections, burns, and it will definitely help to heal. As a natural antibiotic it will avoid infections in and out.

 The anti infection Oil

To make it simple it is the “must use” oil against virus, bacteria and mycosis contaminations. It is also the “must use” for itching, allergies, acne, eczema or psoriasis fighting.

before and after acne

All this benefits are making the Tamanu Oil the perfect carrier oil for aromatherapy use. It can be blended with essential oil and will reinforce its actions.

.I told you…it is the must!!!

The Pain Fighter Tamanu Oil

Some scientific experiments are showing that tamanu oil is reliving 70% to 75 % of pains in the cases of neuralgia, Zona, Herpes when used as the oil carrier for anti viral or analgesic essential oils. Rub the aching area with your blend 2 to 3 times per day.

 Tamanu, your Beauty Oil

Tamanu Oil in Cosmetics has to be mentionned, if you have thick and dry hair, apply dirrectly after your shampoo, pure (and if you think the oil is too smelly) half coconut oil, half tamanu…

But where this oil is so interresting is in anti aging cosmetics

tamanu tree

 Here is my easy homemade anti aging night mask recipe

Mix Cranberry Seed  oil with Tamanu oil, Argan oil and Rosehip oil, add a few drops of Rose essential oils…(I know…very expensive…but are we not spending hundreds of dollars in expensive cosmetics…not even natural…).

Apply with a cotton pad and leave it for the night…

You will have a great anti aging night mask…

Enjoy this tip….and be beautiful today



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